Oakland is a port city in the Bay Area of California in the United States of America. The city was rated by Rand McNally as having the best weather in the country. In years past, Bay Area media made a point that Oakland did not have the concentration of tourist amenities present in San Francisco to the west, or the suburban ethos of San Jose to the south, but the Oakland visitor in fact could always easily spend a few pleasant days here with a wealth of things to do and see. While San Francisco media in particular and popular lore in general have conveyed a consistently negative image of Oakland, in recent years Oakland’s image has began to undergo a radical improvement due to the combination of an influx of white “hipsters” and their entwining with the city’s black creative and upper middle-classes, as well as the rising prominence of Oakland’s Latin-American and Asian communities. The city does indeed have a crime issue; however, the increasing and controversial gentrification of sections of Oakland’s downtown has brought the city an undoubted reappraisal. Forbes Magazine listed Oakland’s Uptown district as one of the top ten hipster neighborhoods in America, the New York Times placed Oakland on the paper’s Top Ten list of cities in the world to visit, and mass circulation journals ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the UK Guardian have all ran features extolling Oakland’s innovative culinary scene. In the second decade of the 2000s, media articles and segments from around the world turned “Oakland-is-the-New Brooklyn” theme into something of a meme. The city gets its name because it is heavily populated with oak trees.

The Grubb Company



Local leadership. A world of experience.

Donald J. Grubb founded The Grubb Company in 1967. Many things have changed since then. But some – those important things that define us as a company – have endured.

Our community has certainly changed. It has grown, evolved and seen its share of real estate ups and downs. The business of transacting real estate is different, too. More complexity, more agents and fewer independent real estate companies deeply connected to our community characterize today’s market. What hasn’t changed is more fundamental. Buyers and sellers in our community want expert real estate advice, skilled representation and support from a trusted local brand.

We still deliver that.

Our foundation of discipline, accountability, and teamwork is as strong as ever. Our market leadership and unmatched local knowledge are being put to work for a new generation of families in Piedmont, Berkeley, Oakland and Kensington.